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19 ICU ventilators were installed at the Sotiria Hospital

19 high technology and efficiency ICU ventilators (Getinge Maquet) were installed  by the specialized technical support team of Santair, at the “SOTIRIA” Hospital. Santair is the main  representative for Getinge Maquet products & systems in Greece.

The ventilators that were installed are:

  • SERVO-AIR type (with multiple types of ventilation, built-in turbine and Aerogen nebulizer) and
  • SERVO-U type (with integrated chromograph and Aerogen nebulizer and monitoring of the electrical activity of the diaphragm).

Santair’s technical team, taking all the necessary protection measures against Covid19, installed the ventilators in the ICU while at the very same time, they trained the medical and nursing staff in their use, due to the very increased needs at that time due to the pandemic.

We wish to express our gratitude, because they remain faithful to their duty during these difficult times that the world is going through.

Santair remains at the forefront striving with professionalism and responsibility, to contribute to the protection of health and human life.