Terms of Use

  1. Introduction

1.1       The websites “www.santair.gr”, “apinidotis.santair.gr”, “apinidistis.santair.gr” and “airpurifier.santair.gr” (all hereinafter referred to as the “Website“) have been created for the personal information, education and communication of its users/visitors (hereinafter “Users“). The use of the website is subject to the terms and conditions of the present, which the Users of the Website shall carefully read before they unconditionally accept .

1.2       The terms and conditions included herein as well as any other applicable national, EU or international  legislation in force on the Internet or generally the World Wide Web applies to all Users of the Website.

1.3       Santair SA (hereinafter “Santair“) or any other affiliated company may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions. The revisions shall be binding to the Users and shall unconditionally be accepted.

1.4       In case the use of any Website service is subject to more specific terms of use, these terms shall be considered as a whole with the current terms and conditions.  However, in case of conflict, the more specific terms of use of every service shall prevail.

1.5      On no occasion is Santair and its affiliated companies bound by the content of the Website.

1.6      Santair has the right, at any time and without any prior notice, to terminate or suspend, wholly or partially, the operation of the Website or change its nature or content. Furthermore, the operation of the Website may be terminated, suspended or impeded, permanently or temporarily, due to events not controlled by Santair.

1.7      Santair shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure availability and maintenance of the Website and its contents, although these may be affected by the equipment of the Users, other communication networks, a possible large number of people online simultaneously or by other interferences, and, therefore, the Website may fail or need maintenance without any prior notice.


  1. Content – Industrial Property and Copyright Rights

2.1       The logo “Santair” and relative logos used by the Website are registered trademarks of “Santair S.A.” or any other affiliated company. The Website and its content in general, including but not limited to all text and images (hereinafter the “Content”), unless otherwise stated in case of specific rights of third parties, are cultural and industrial property of Santair S.A., and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek, EU and international legislation.

2.2      The Content is used as such and the User is not allowed to alter or interfere with it. Furthermore, the Content cannot be, wholly or partially, part of any transaction (whether commercial or not), copied, modified, reproduced, broadcast and/or distributed in any way by any User, without the previous written consent of SANTAIR S.A..

2.3       Τhe products and/or the services and/or the name and/or the trademarks or distinctive marks or third parties that may appear on the Website are cultural and industrial property of the third parties, which are responsible for the content and the products and/or the services.

2.4       Any communication or material or data transferred or transmitted or sent via services offered by the Website and generally all the information submitted to SANTAIR S.A. via the Website shall be considered and treated as non-confidential and shall not be the property of the User. Anything transferred or broadcast or sent via the Website or submitted to SANTAIR S.A. via the Website shall be considered and shall remain property of SANTAIR S.A. or its affiliated companies, and SANTAIR S.A. shall be free to use in condition to the applicable Greek, EU or international legislation regarding any purpose, idea, concept, knowhow or technical method. Every User of the Website shall be able to submit, and/or SANTAIR S.A. shall be able to collect, limited information for any purpose it considers helpful for its commercial activities.

2.5       Trademarks, logos, distinctive marks, names and mark designations (all hereinafter “Trademarks“) appearing on the Website are either registered or unregistered Trademarks of SANTAIR S.A. and/or third parties. Nothing of what is contained in the Website may be interpreted as explicit or implicit permission or right to use any form of any Trademark appearing on the Website, without the written permission of SANTAIR S.A. or the thirds parties that may own the Trademarks appearing on the Website. The Users’ use of the Trademarks appearing on the Website, or of any other content of the Website, except for those specified in the Terms and Conditions, is expressly and strictly forbidden.

2.6       Images of faces or places or objects that are part of the content of the Website are property of SANTAIR S.A. or its affiliated companies, or are used by the Website with permission granted by their benefactors. Any use of these images by the Users of the Website outside the terms of the latter, or by anyone else authorized by the Users, is forbidden unless it is specially permitted by the present Terms and Conditions or a special permission is provided somewhere else on the Website.


  1. SANTAIR S.A. Liability – User Responsibilities

3.1       Despite the diligent efforts of SANTAIR S.A. and affiliated companies so that the content of the Website includes full, accurate, valid and updated information, SANTAIR S.A. cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. In any case, Website Users are aware and acknowledge that SANTAIR S.A. might not be able to control the overall Content and the security of the Website and its services. Therefore, SANTAIR S.A. is not committed in any way nor does it confer any kind of guarantee or assume any kind of responsibility or liability for the security and the content of the Website. Furthermore, SANTAIR S.A. does not guarantee that the use of information, data or materials included in the Content posted to the Website will not infringe rights of third parties that do not belong to or are not affiliated with SANTAIR S.A..

3.2       The Users acknowledge that they should assess the content of the Website and that they are responsible for any risk that could occur due to the use of any part of the Content, including any decision of theirs to lend credence to the correctness, completeness, validity and/or usefulness of any part of the Content. This means that the Users are exclusively responsible for the use of the Website. Neither SANTAIR S.A. nor its affiliated companies or any other party involved in the creation, production or transfer of Content, or generally the operation of the Website, shall be responsible for any direct, subsequent, resulting, indirect or consequential damage done due to either the access of Users to the Website or its use. Without restriction to the above, everything contained in the Website are provided to the Users as such, without any kind of explicit or implicit guarantee, including implicit guarantees of commercial exploitation, suitability for the specific purpose or inviolability. On no occasion shall SANTAIR S.A. and/or affiliated companies be responsible for damage, including but not limited to, directly or indirectly, special, accidental or incidental damage, direct or consequential expenses resulting from this Website or its use, or the inability to be used by anyone, or from any failed operation, error, omission, interruption, defect, delayed operation or transmission or network failure, while it shall not also assume any responsibility nor shall it be responsible for any damage or failure occurring to the computer or to any other electronic means that is to be used by the User for accessing the Website or for any viruses or software of a different nature that could corrupt the computer or the means or any other asset of the User that is used for accessing the Website, while visiting, using or navigating around the Website or for downloading any material, data, text, image, video or audio files from the Content of the Website, even when SANTAIR S.A. or its representatives have been notified of the possibility for such damage, loss or expenses. Hyperlinks to other Internet sources are activated under the exclusive responsibility of the Users.

3.3       SANTAIR S.A. has no and assumes no responsibility or liability for any claim filed on the Content of the Website, or any error, libel or defamation, abuse, offence, omission, lies, scurrility, pornography, curse, risk of inaccuracy included in any information contained in the Content of the Website. It is forbidden to send/circulate any illegal, and/or threatening, slandering, defaming, offensive, incendiary, pornographic, blasphemous material or any material that may constitute or encourage an attitude that could be considered a criminal offence, to incur civil liability, or violate any law in any way via the Website.

3.4       The Website may refer, through hyperlinks or advertising banners, to other websites/webpages, whose providers also assume full liability (civil and criminal) for the safety, lawfulness and validity of the content of their websites and services, which SANTAIR S.A. might not have inspected. As a result, SANTAIR S.A. bears no responsibility, such as responsibility for intellectual and/or industrial property rights or any right of third parties regarding the content of websites/webpages or other electronic/online sites that may be linked to the Website. Users are linked to other websites/webpages or electronic sites via the Website under their full responsibility and without the permission of SANTAIR S.A.. Users are responsible for complying with the terms of use of websites/webpages or electronic/online sites and directly address their providers for anything that could arise from their visit or use of websites/webpages.

3.5       The Users of the Website accept, agree and stipulate that they will lawfully and appropriately use the Website, while, among others, they shall be subject to the legislation on data transmission from Greece to EU member-states and third countries.


  1. Applicable LegislationJurisdiction

The present terms and conditions, all their amendments, as well as the use of the website are subject to the Greek Legislation. Any differences resulting from the use of the Website shall be settled by the courts of Athens.