Advanced and complete Clinical Decision Support Systems

The goal of clinical decision support is to enrich the decision-making process by providing specialized advice and accuracy to physicians, based on available clinical, laboratory, and therapeutic data.

A specialized physician imports the experience and decision-making process in these systems, so that whenever a patient diagnosis is required, this decision-making process is automatically applied to the patient information and analyzed against all available patient information, including medical history data and clinical indications.

This way, we achive:

  • Medical Exams interpretation and information, appropriate alerts, treatment suggestions and automatic medical confirmations
  • Physicians receive accurate patient information and the best possible medical interpretations without errors as well as individualized treatment proposals per patient
  • The scope of these systems extends within the hospital environment to multiple fields such as:
    • Healthcare Applications
    • Interpretation and diagnostic support
    • Medical checkup
    • Data management
    • Nursing protocols
    • Administrative applications

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