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The first Digital OR with modular walls in Greece

Η πρώτη στην Ελλάδα ψηφιακή Modular χειρουργική αίθουσα

The most innovative and reliable solution for hospitals

SANTAIR SA has completed the construction of the most advanced digital operating room with Modular walls at IASO Hospital.  It has incorporated the technology and the most modern imaging and medical equipment required for complicated operations in in conditions of supreme safety, speed and reliability.

All systems included in the digital operating room are of the latest generation, with maximum standards for maximum performance and adaptable installation or positioning, in order to create an ultra-modern, flexible and safe operating room.

The digital operating room includes:

Installing digital operating rooms in hospitals provides high safety and efficiency standards. It also offers advantages to both the patient and health professionals and, as a result, the hospital itself:

  • Increased patient safety
  • Perfect sanitary and disinfection conditions
  • Remotely controlled devices
  • Controlling, recording and distributing high-definition images and videos, where necessary
  • Interconnection of operating room with the information systems of the Hospital and active communication with HIS/PACS, thus assisting doctors and nurses during operations
  • Integrated tools contributing to the best possible clinical result
  • Possibility for applying modern medical methods without restrictions