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With high technology we offer solutions for every patient

Customer Service

SANTAIR SA has been established in 1997 as a a Medical Applications company, who via its health centers and strategic partners throughout Greece, provides diagnostic and therapeutic medical products and healthcare solutions to healthcare facilities, physicians and patients. Οur company is the exclusive representative for Greece, of leading international medical equipment manufacturers. Through the years, Santair SA has developed a network of services for the safe, prompt and excellent service of our customers.

The extensive experience of the members of our team in both technical and sales field as well as in customer care, creates a unique combination of qualifications that is capable to
offer high quality services to our clients and deliver any challenge:

  • Consulting services (our products, their use and maintenance)
  • Product installation
  • Continuous client training
  • Technical assistance
  • Continuous client updates about product improvements and / or new products

With long experience and expertise, Santair SA is your trusted partner for medical or hospital equipment. We are always by your side to provide the best solutions for your needs, with reliability, flexibility and respect.

“We strive to serve you better”.

Technical Support

Our technical services provide qualitative and prompt support, whether it is a large hospital or a patient at home. Our team consists of biomedical engineers who have long experience in the field of medical technology and are regularly trained abroad, to best support the services provided.

Not only does Santair provides state-of-the-art medical equipment, we also offer the technical assistance to educate customers on the proper use of these products in their premises.

The customer’s medical equipment is technically supported, both during and after the warranty, under a maintenance contract or on call. Technical support includes the periodic maintenance of normally sensitive medical equipment, as well as the restoration of possible damage at our well-equipped laboratories and high-technology instruments for control and diagnosis of faults, as well as stock of spare parts and accessories.

Medical IT

Advanced and complete Clinical Decision Support Systems

The goal of clinical decision support is to enrich the decision-making process by providing specialized advice and accuracy to physicians, based on available clinical, laboratory, and therapeutic data.

A specialized physician imports the experience and decision-making process in these systems, so that whenever a patient diagnosis is required, this decision-making process is automatically applied to the patient information and analyzed against all available patient information, including medical history data and clinical indications.

This way, we achive:

  • Medical Exams interpretation and information, appropriate alerts, treatment suggestions and automatic medical confirmations
  • Physicians receive accurate patient information and the best possible medical interpretations without errors as well as individualized treatment proposals per patient
  • The scope of these systems extends within the hospital environment to multiple fields such as:
    • Healthcare Applications
    • Interpretation and diagnostic support
    • Medical checkup
    • Data management
    • Nursing protocols
    • Administrative applications